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About this session

​In this session, you will learn:

  • ​The differences between Idea Management and Output, Source, or Data Management.
  • ​Changes of mindset required for Idea Management.
  • ​How to represent ideas in a research context (a.k.a. making notes "ready for publication").

​About Bianca

​Bianca Pereira is on a journey to make research easier and inclusive. As a researcher herself, she believes the three differences between a struggling researcher and a prolific researcher are: knowledge of the hidden rules of academia, a personal knowledge management system, and skills on research communication.

​So, after 12 years working with Computer Science research in industry-academia partnerships, Bianca now dedicates her time to unveiling The Hidden Rules of Academia to first generation postgrad students, teaching and coaching Personal Knowledge Management with emphasis in research, and providing hands-on workshops in Research Communication.

​Find out more about Bianca:


What is Linking Your Thinking?

We need you to share your
unique perspective and ideas
with the rest of us.

Linking your thinking is where you connect ideas to help you think critically and creatively; fluidly and flexibly; connectively and joyfully—in a way that accumulates in value for them over time.

Linked thinking leads to the following outcomes:

1. The ability to stay psychologically grounded in a turbulent world
2. More unique and valuable contributions

I can't attend the live sessions. Will there be a recording?

Yes. Recordings will be sent within the week to those who register for that event.

How much is each event?

The entire conference is completely free.

How do I start linking my thinking?

Get reps during this conference!

Then play in the LYT Kit 6 sandbox. Download a working PKM system of over 300 notes. Experiment. Make links. See what works for you.

And if you’re ready for the next step, join our 6-week live online workshop and learn the Linking Your Thinking frameworks with several high-touch live sessions with Nick—plus support from our team, PKM experts, and our community of 1,600+ students from 60+ countries. 

The next workshop starts on June 14th, 2022, and we’re opening the main enrollment on May 22nd.

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