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LYT Kit v5 - Overview and Q&A


00:00:00 - Start
00:01:00 - Why did you choose to be here?
00:01:22- House keeping items
00:03:35 - What you can expect from this event
00:05:11 - The history of PKM
00:07:27 - What is your relationship to knowledge?
00:07:51 - Idea Emergence
00:11:27 - LYT Kit walkthrough
00:11:35 - The goal of this LYT Kit overview
00:12:12 - The Home Note
00:12:31 - How the Fluid Framework Structure works
00:14:42 - The Guiding Values of PKM
00:15:40 - Diving deeper into the LYT Kit
00:16:06 - Three basic Walk-throughs available
00:17:02 - Accoutrements
00:17:14 - The LYT Terms
00:19:24 - Relationship builders
00:20:44 - Quick rules for folders, links, and tags
00:35:35 - Upcoming LYT Workshop preview
00:40:00 - LYT Q&A

What our LYT members say

Linking Your Thinking provides me a method. A process I now use to grow my ideas. Before I took this workshop I had thousands of notes on Evernote. They contain everything that interest me, but these notes make me feel anxious because there was not an easy way to find them or have them related. Now I have more clarity in putting my ideas in order.

Francisco Bricio
Physicist and Founder
Francisco Bricio's Photo
I am so grateful for this community of such talented and intelligent people. I am always learning new things from them and getting questions answered by a very warm and curious crowd. I really love this workshop and community and can't believe how much it has helped me grow in such short period of time. It's making me rethink how I organize way more than notes in Obsidian. So glad that I took the leap.

Brand Experience Consultant
"You write them like you're going to read them again" was a huge revelation.

Being able to give yourself different types of context, depending on where you are, has been... one of the most valuable lessons for me across any of the parts of this that we're talking about.

Jonathan Splitlog

If you have a feeling that there might be a better way to get on top of your notes, go for this course. It takes away your struggle with the current system and instead adds a ton of benefits.

Nick put a massive amount of thought into good long-term note taking. He guides you through your own process in a competent and casual way. This course saves you a lot of time while providing high quality insights you can find nowhere else.

Joschua Jonköping
Non-profit worker
Writing truly is the medium of understanding. If you are inspired by the ideas of Niklas Luhman's Zettelkasten and Sönke Ahrens' Smart Notes, the LYT framework and community will complete your transformative experience.

As a writer and content creator, I trade in ideas. Ideas don't work well in traditional folders and files. They require the freedom to intermingle and make connections where new ideas emerge. This workshop and the LYT framework showed me a scalable way of doing just that. I haven't looked back since.

William Willis
Coach and Writer
I explored LYT with optimism but honestly did not have high expectations. Having research everything PKM over the last 10 years, I was fairly content with my system, but couldn't quite identify what was missing.

To my surprise and delight, I found the missing link I was looking for and was introduced to some really innovative ideas through Nick, LYT and my fellow students.

I cannot wait for the next course, as the people you meet on this journey are just as great as the lessons learned. Three thumbs up from me!

Reggie G.
Architectural Consultant
This tool and the LYT training will transform your creativity, productivity, and results to provide a computer capability to leverage your growth like no other computer capability since PC's became a "thing".

Before I came to this workshop, I curated insightful pieces and occasionally integrated complex ideas into my own creative efforts. Now, I build insights and create with a 10X productivity improvement. It is all far more rewarding and fun.

Phil Kastellic
Developing Digital Presence
Having a place built from these concepts/structures can really improve how you do many of your daily activities. You would definitely be surprised by how fundamental it can be in so many of the things that you already do.

It's so pleasing to have a place where you can save and then quickly find many of the things that I want to remember.

Manuel Porto
Computer Science Student
I tried so many methods and platforms for organizing my thoughts but I was just overwhelmed and getting nowhere. The LYT workshop/community has helped me focus on note-making instead of bookmark-curating.

The workshop helped me ask the right questions about my goals. Like, what behaviors have I been repeating with method after method that kept me from being successful? Nick and the members of my cohort helped me answer those questions and helped me to enjoy engaging with my knowledge work again.

Genetic Counselor
The best thing about the workshop is the mentor. He is always ready to listen, to guide, and knows his stuff.

The LYT workshop is a deep pool. Dive in head first, there be gold in the shimmering waters.

Writer and Director
The workshop allowed me to go through a major shift in my mode of working with intellectual material, from hierarchical folders-based organization to idea emergence.

George Pór
I found the lessons in the Workshop extremely helpful. I loved that we were not encouraged to simply copy an existing system, but we were taught to create our own system based on our specific needs. The community was clearly an amazing addition! It was inspiring to find like-minded people who also wanted to substantially improve their note-making system

Giorgio Parlato
Before I took LYT, I was overwhelmed by both software and systems, now that I've been through it I have found a way to manage myself first and adapt my system.

While there are many workshops on how to best manage information, this is the only one where you are actively supported in the development of your very own PKM system.

Mat Rhein
Before I took this workshop, I had unanswered problems with my productivity flow that I could only begin to solve. I continued to float from app to app to app like so many other people. Now that I've gone through it, I feel confident that I no longer need to do that - my system now is it. I'll still be with this when I'm 120 years old.

This is one of the most important courses I've taken in my life, and only wish I could have done it as a young student. I rate it well above Getting Things Done, Four Hour Work Week, and so many other branded books and gurus in the productivity world.

Hung-Su Nguyen
Before I took this workshop my knowledge was scattered all over the place and often buried in thousands of bookmarks of other people. Now that I've been through it, I got a clear system to have my knowledge all in one place. I have direct access and can work with it. And I have it separate from bookmarks and collected stuff. Before I was collecting more. Now I am creating more.

This is the one workshop you need when you are a content creator. You will benefit from it in ways you don't know in advance. It changes your whole game. Content creation becomes easier - and more fun.

Andre Loibl
Moving from note-taker to note-maker is one of the most powerful ways you can improve the quality of your own thinking. This workshop will show you how to harness the power of idea emergence to improve your thinking, engage with the work of other thinkers, boost your creativity and make each day more productive.

I especially liked the Discourse community. Certain members of our cohort have been terrific about sharing their successes, failures, attempts, frustrations, aspirations and their organizational strategies, and I loved those interactions.

Jack Beaudoin
The Linking Your Thinking workshop is OUTSTANDING. Nick Milo is so genuine and generous in teaching and wholeheartedly wants everyone to increase their thinking potential. Plus, so many wonderful heart-centered people in the program.

Before I took this workshop I didn't know where to begin with Obsidian. Now I can see the potential and the sophistication available and am excited about what is to come.

Alicia Berberich
One of the most valuable lessons that I learnt during the course was how minor changes in the process can have huge long-term effects.

Learning first to get rid of a rigid folder-based system was scary but useful. And later, bringing back some folders finding a balance between the structure and flexibility was a big deal in organizing my system. I now use a combination of flexible MOCs and very few carefully set folders on the broader level.

Being memory-driven, my PKM relies on linking everything through people and interactions with them. It was during this course that the immense power of having central heavy nodes (people) with a lot of minor nodes surrounding them and interlinked became apparent to me. And I don’t think I can go back to a folder-hierarchy!

Web Designer
Before I took this workshop, I was struggling with writing articles and my thesis. Now that I've been through it, new notes come fluidly, and my capacity to create new connections improves.

This workshop is for everyone who wants to turn their thoughts into something sharable with others. The followed hands-on lessons work for my tasks perfectly. Just this is mind-blowing. Besides that is helping me to write my thesis. My writing capacity improved and, now I know better methods to keep activating these brain muscles.

Marcelo A. S. Bragatte
The sense making sessions were the bomb. Having prompts in place and somewhat random topics to use as exercises in thinking was helpful.  Now I have tools to reach for on the days when things are not so fluid.

Renee Kimball
Before I went through the LYT workshop, I thought that taking notes was a chore. Now that I've been through it, I take notes to help me make sense of the world around me, which is fun and incredibly rewarding.

I got the most value out of the sensemaking sessions, I thought they were a ton of fun and really showed me how I could do something similar in my own workflow.

Kaleb Davis
Six weeks of intensive interactions with:
1) great content; 2) great people; 3) great organization/production; 4) great help to go over whatever issues emerged during the workshop; 5) extremely friendly staff willing to help at ANY time even though I was a novice in many areas; and 6) It was even funny; I had a lot of fun and had many laughs together with my Cohort. The biggest thing I am taking away is one of the most pleasant experiences in my entire life.

If you are looking for a "language" to exchange information between your most inner-self and the external world, this workshop will get you on the way.

Before the LYT workshop I was overwhelmed by my accumulated thousands of notes and documents that were sitting unused. Now I have developed a workflow that allows me to be intentional about this process and actually make the content work for me instead of against me.

Rob Shcick
The Linking Your Thinking workshop is a great opportunity to learn how to learn and think more efficiently, to have a clearer view on your life and activities, to enrich your soft skills, to build your own testimony for your future self, your partners and/or your children.

I now have a tool and a flexible, future-proof methodology to organize my knowledge, help me write more and improve my professional practice.

My biggest takeaway from the workshop is that my note taking/making system can become an asset to my business.

Laetitia Remericq
At first, I was a bit hesitant in joining the workshop because of the price... but I went with my gut, and it was/is so worth the money.

The workshop makes you look into why you need a PKM in the first place and what it could do for you. At the end of the workshop, a new world has opened up, and you will realize this is just the beginning of the journey.

Before I took this workshop, I was using obsidian but I feared I was just wasting my time and effort putting data in without ever using it. Now, I have a scalable PKM that is matched to my goals. I know it will continue to grow as I grow.

The LYT workshop is perfect for both people who are looking to start a PKM, but don't know where or how, and those who have one but know they could do so much more with it. Either way, you'll find it incredibly valuable and end up with a system that works for you.

Chris Wilson
There are so many systems out there to help with organization and productivity. This workshop goes beyond simple management to integration of knowledge by providing a framework for creating an assistant to your own thinking, customized by you to whatever your needs are.

The Linking your thinking workshop will change the way you relate to knowledge and your own ideas.
It will change the way you think for the better.

Helen Zhu
The price tag of the workshop is steep - granted. It's worth it, because there is a skill to be gained which yields insights - probably - till the end of life. The workshop provides a methodology to direct thinking to be connected, meaning that you'll be able to see and make connections which are unusual.Furthermore you get a no-nonsense approach to make a brain extension which suits you to store, retrieve and intermingle information. IMHO it is a necessity in this more and more information-driven world.

Before this workshop I had a hard time branching out my thinking and to come up with new ideas. During the last third of the workshop my thinking changed: I realized the connection to other things (both in professional as well as personal context) and that the world is made up of building blocks.

Martin Schroeder
I loved the prompts that helped me to explore what I know, why I know that to be true, and how to be open to interpreting my knowledge in new and interesting ways.

If you want to learn how to think better and create an easy-to-use resource for your vast wealth of knowledge, you need to take LYT. Also, if you want to meet a great group of curious open-minded people who are committed to learning and growing, you need to tap into the LYT community.

Charles Doublet
As a multipotentialite, I love all those shiny new objects - and courses, which has made me more hesitant to participate, especially in courses with a set and ambitious time frame instead of studying the content in my own pace.

But the cohort approach has worked wonders with me, because of the deep and open exchange within my team, a very intimate yet diverse subgroup of participants throughout the whole course, acting as a LYT "peer group" as much as making myself accountable.

This course is only for you, if you can and will invest a considerable amount of time during these six weeks ahead, not because of the content and time of the lessons, but because of the highly aspiring and motivating interaction within the cohort. The promise: You will never feel alone or isolated..

Thomas H. Tack
The Linking your thinking workshop helped me use my OWN brain when I write or make sense of all the data incoming. And to align what I do in those depths to what my core values and bigger mission is in life.

The experience I liked the most was the idea of making sharp choices: question everything. Especially your own assumptions and hidden ways of thinking and doing. (This was a game changer for me. My PKM is a direct reflection of me and not some half-modelled, half-copied system of someone else)

Desirée Kolman