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Knowledge Accelerator

Unlock Your Mind—Unleash Your Potential

Build your custom knowledge system.
Learn the knowledging skills of the modern age.
Unlock your creativity and share original ideas.

Knowledge Accelerator™ is your complete solution to improving your ability to work with your thoughts and make the most of your mind.

Are you constantly losing track of your ideas and feeling overwhelmed with all the information you have to deal with?

Does it feel like you're losing control of your attention (yet again?)

Are you in the habit of highlighting ideas from other people, only to have them collect dust?

Does it give you that dull ache of guilt because you know you’re avoiding the real work? 

Have you started writing digital notes, but struggle in connecting different ideas?

Do you want to build an effective system for your knowledge, but don’t want to mess it up again?

Do you have plenty of ideas, but can’t seem to put them all together?

Do you want a better way to package your work? 

What if you had a healthier relationship with knowledge?

How would that make an impact in your life?

The frameworks you need to finally master information and ideas in the modern age

All thinkers face
the same 13 problems:

  • Lack of clarity
  • Lack of creativity
  • Lack of capability
  • Lack of confidence
  • Too much overwhelm
  • Too many distractions
  • Over-collecting
  • Over-consuming
  • Over-highlighting
  • Over-regurgitation
  • Fear of forgetting
  • Fear of missing out
  • Fear of what others think
If you’re reading this, more than one of these apply to you.
Which of these problems are the thorns in your shoe?

Here’s the good news. You're here. That means you already suspect that your thoughts should be easier to manage. Your ideas should be easier to develop. Your contributions to the world shouldn’t feel torturous to produce. 

Whether it's to journal, synthesize research, generate insights, accelerate your career trajectory, or write things you will still be proud of years later, you want tangible ways to fully activate more of your mind—more often.

The complete solution
you’ve been missing.

Maybe you've tried organizing your digital notes before. But. It. Just. Doesn’t. Work. Remember that day you spent building the “perfect” system? How long before it all fell apart? A week? Or was it even quicker? Before you know it, you’re back where you started—except now you feel like a failure.

And it’s because you tried to “lone wolf” it. 

When you took on the task of “figuring out knowledge management” by yourself, you doomed yourself from the start.
It's like trying to drive a car without ever taking a lesson (or trying to make it to Mount Doom without any friends).

But Knowledge Accelerator™ solves that problem. You organize and ideate alongside hundreds of other thinkers all with the same goal as you: to get your thoughts in order so that you can finally make the most of your mind. 

This creates results unlike anything you've ever experienced.

The Knowledge Accelerator™ is a place where you learn the skills to think masterfully in the modern age.

Here's what you unlock when you grab a seat in the Accelerator…

You get a million ways to learn, no matter your mood or learning style. Let’s unpack this.

Workshop Intensives

We surround two of our flagship LYT Workshops with two brand new,
applied workshop intensives throughout the year.
  • 🔆 The LYT Workshop 13
  • 🦋 Writing Original Essays
  • 🔆 The LYT Workshop 14
  • 🪸 Notemaking Mastery

Instant Access Products

  • 🌌 Ideaverse Pro
  • 🚀 Obsidian Flight School
  • 📒 How to Work a Book

Special Events & Community

  • 🎸 Monthly Jams with Nick
  • 🎪 Monthly Expert Sessions
  • 🧩 LYT's "Connections" Community

LYT Techniques

  • 🧬 The Eight Skills of Notational Ideation
  • 🪸 The Notemaking Master Methods
  • 🗺️ The Mapmaking Master Methods

LYT Specialized Workflows

  • 🎻 Effort Maestro Method
  • 🌅 First Light, Last Light
  • 🦚 ARC Ideation

LYT Personalized Assessments

  • 🌏 PKM Planet Survey
  • 🎭 The PKM Personality Selector
  • 🚂 LYT Workshop Onboarding Survey
This is why we’re building the Knowledge Accelerator™:

To accelerate both your general and applied uses of knowledge.

The good news is that we know what works. We've tested the frameworks, methods, systems, techniques, and templates that you can apply for your immediate and long-lasting knowledge needs.

Workshop Intensives

The Linking Your Thinking Workshop

You get not one, but two workshops in the Accelerator.

I wrote my thesis with the LYT techniques. Now I have a Ph.D. Now I am working [in São Paulo], doing research on health, giving interviews, and helping with what I love to do.
Bragatte MAS ​
LYT Workshop Graduate
I wish I could have taken the LYT Workshop sooner, because, if I already have these results in 64 days, what will it look like in a year?
Avril Hsu
LYT Workshop Graduate
I had been on the fence about the pricing, between other programs/workshops/trainings and this one. And I have to say, it was worth the investment. For myself, and others I spoke to, we all got value out of the program. It is thought provoking and so applicable to all and every context and journey.
Stephan van de Ven
LYT Workshop Graduate
$1500 USD
Two workshops Included
Upcoming Workshop: LYT Workshop 14
Jan 30 - Feb 27, 2024
Last day to enroll: January 16
 LYT Workshop 14
Mid of 2024
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Stop optimizing for regurgitation.

The biggest mistake thinkers make? Consuming so much they drown out their own thoughts. They turn into parrots that regurgitate someone else’s regurgitations and then wonder why no one is listening.

It’s because you aren’t saying anything original.

But because that’s the status quo, you get stuck in the endless vortex of the dull, which leads to uninspired writing that actually embarrasses you to even remember writing.

Instead, you want to capture sparks and immediately make personal remarks. By practicing the art of notemaking, you’ll unearth and fully activate your unique voice—while creating a guilt-free ideation engine that generates some of your proudest work.

Writing Original Works a highly-focused workshop on a singular application of linked notes: to help thought leaders write original essays for their audiences (even if that audience is just Future You).

You learn

A system and sought-after skill to write original content that makes more of an impact.

3-week workshop intensive May 2024
The world runs on ideas. When you share your ideas, it works for you as an intellectual asset, even while you sleep.
Nick Milo
Founder, Linking Your Thinking

Effortless Emergence

Add what sparks, relate thoughts, and watch your ideas emerge. Then Joyfully create new and original intellectual capital.

Architects & Gardeners

Seamlessly switch between an Architect and Gardener writing style to never get stuck.

The You'est You

Generate Ideas that only you could write, that are meaningful to you, and that you will actually be proud of years later.

Stop notetaking. Start notemaking.

Let's be honest.

If you're reading this, you know you should be consuming less and creating more. But instead, you’re making more highlights instead of your own insights. And with each new highlight, you feel a dull ache of guilt because deep down you know what it really is: avoidance.

We both know why you’ve been putting it off. It’s a mix of informational FOMO, the fear of not having anything worth saying, and the fear of what others might think.

Luckily, Knowledge Accelerator™ will get you to the other side. From notetaker to notemaker. From consumer to creator. And once you cross the threshold, you'll wonder what took you so long.

Notemaking Mastery a workshop that teaches and trains the skill that schools didn't: notemaking.

You train

A proven process to learn faster and more deeply, improve recall, generate insights, and unlock your unique perspective.

You get

  • Notemaking Master Methods
  • Notemaking Master Prompts
3-week workshop intensive Nov 2024
Notemaking is the ultimate act of investing in
yourself, because each note builds your
intellectual capital.
Nick Milo
Founder, Linking Your Thinking

Make your thoughts visible

As you think, you are invisibly making notes in your mind. Problem is, they fade away. Notemaking keeps them visible.

Make your thoughts shapeable

Unlock the ability to easily edit and evolve your ideas. No more getting stuck with static index
cards. Notemaking makes ideas shapeable.

Make your thoughts powerful

Feel the full activation of your mind as your notemaking spurs valuable insights and leads to some of your inspired work.

Instant Access To Our Products

When you are on the Accelerator, you get immediate access to any new products we launch.

Instant Access To Our Products

Instant Access to our Educational Resources

LYT Core Curriculum

…is the world's most trusted and holistic
educational resource for learning about
the what, why, and how of linked digital

You learn

The universal rules of knowledge
management and how you can utilize them
to solve your knowledge needs.

Included in Accelerator
Six units. 90 lessons. Paradigm-shifting.

Work at your own pace

The self-paced design means you can explore these fundamentals before, during, or after our workshops.

Go deeper

The LYT Workshop covers a lot,
but there's only so much you can pack into even a 90-minute session. Our curriculum allows you to go deeper.

Apply what you learn

Nearly every single lesson
contains clear and achievable
next actions. Apply them to your notes. To your efforts.

Master Class Vault a massive collection of deep dives with
Nick Milo and numerous PKM experts. Learn how they're applying linked notes for their a specific needs.

You train

Specialized skillsets for applied uses—many of which are extremely difficult to ever learn on your own.

Included in Accelerator
50+ hours of deep dives
So many elements that resonate with me
and I love your reminder that I can develop
my PKM in service to my life, not just my work!
Linking Your Thinking Logo Mark
Praise for Karen Hume's "-TION" series

Add to your skillset

Managing your ideas is personal. That's why these deep dives are so valuable- they offer an inside look into the inner workings of specialized minds.

Pick upwhere you left off

The vault layout makes it easy to mark sessions watched, bookmark for future reference, or follow along in any multi-part series.

Be inspired

By being open to new approaches to notemaking, you open the
doors to unexpected "unlocks" in your own work.

Community & Special Events

Form lifelong friendships with lifelong learners.

Special Events & Community

Join a group of like-minded people that all "get it" when it comes to being curious, lifelong learners. That means you will find your peers sharing problems you've had, but were never able to clearly identify.

You get

  • Hands-on time with Nick
  • Presentations from subject-matter experts
  • Complete access to the LYT "Connections" Community
Included in Accelerator
The most amazing thing is the community: their openness and support. It's making all the difference!
Laura Kwak
Communications Advisor

Monthly Jams with Nick (12)

Get hands-on each month as Nick takes you through live training, discussions, and Q&A. We tackle your toughest problems LIVE.

Monthly Expert (12)

Learn from subject-matter experts on specific applications of linked notes. Includes deep dives on workflows, tools, and compelling insights.

The "Connections" Community

Join a social scene that stimulates your mind and energizes your efforts. Connect with curious minds, check in with each other, and get support.

Learning is better together

workshop alumni image

Active, not passive

Our workshop intensives are designed to get you to lean forward and engage with the materials—in multiple ways. The result: deep and lasting personal gains.

Faster alone at first, further together forever

You are surrounded by curious—often brilliant—thinkers. Even if they are doctor and you are a dungeon master, their ideas will create new associations in your mind. From that, you may just solve your own unique use case!

Comfortably uncomfortable

In a safe environment, you will get your thinking muscles burning. You will be encouraged to share. And the insights you gain from seeing your system through the eyes of your peers can be transformational.

And the best part?

Every single one of us has the same desire as you: To masterfully manage knowledge and make the most of our minds.
Purple Brain Icon

LYT Techniques

Our techniques are proven to increase your knowledge capability and creativity.

Free - $129

🪸 The Notemaking Master Methods

...that will have you finally feeling your mind fully activate as you generate more meaningful insights than years of notetaking ever could.

$250 $129

🗺️ The Mapmaking Master Methods

…that will give you the tools to conquer informational overwhelm at any time (and catalyze your best thinking).

🧬 The 8 Skills of Notational Ideation

...that will unlock the haze around how to actually turn ideas into inspired outputs using digital notes.

Secure your seat now

Cohort 9

October 11 - November 11

You will gain a custom knowledge system and the knowledging skills
to unlock your mind and unleash your potential.

The WOW Workshop

Build a reliable writing process in 22 days
In 22 days, hone your voice and improve how you write original works you are proud of—all while writing with linked notes.

1 Workshop



Join the waitlistLearn more about the WOW Workshop

Knowledge Accelerator

Your complete solution to all your knowledge needs
By "linking your thinking" over 365 days, you will build a lifelong system and train the knowledge skills needed in the modern age.


You get everything in the Single LYT Workshop.






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Enrollment closes on January 16th
Enrollment ends January 16th at midnight pacific time, or when the remaining 21 seats are gone, whichever comes first.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Knowledge Accelerator. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our support team.
Can I request for a reimbursement from my employer?
Yes, it is likely you can.

Use this winning proposal template.

Share it with your organization as you request to use their education budget to cover the cost of the Knowledge Accelerator™.

If you need guidance, please feel free to email us at
What happens if you launch a new product while I’m on the Accelerator? Do I get free instant access?
You do! That’s another major benefit of being inside the Accelerator.
What if I can't attend live?
Can't make it live? No worries, we will record the whole event and everyone who buys a seat will have access to the recording forever.
What happens in 12 months? Do I have to pay full price to stay inside the Accelerator?
Anyone who purchases today will be able to renew in 12 months for only $500. That’s 80% off. We want to make an offer so good it’s an easy decision to stick around. Then you’ll have another year of workshop intensives, access to our existing—and new—products, access to our educational courses, the master class vault, Nick’s private sessions, the monthly expert sessions, and the “Connections” community.
What is your refund policy?
The Accelerator includes instant access to all of our products, courses, and educational resources which cannot be returned. 

As such, we are not able to offer refunds.

However, to prevent disappointment or dissatisfaction, we have two ways to ensure client fit and client success: 

1) Prior to purchasing you can review many free videos that present the principles and execution of this program to see if this is a good fit. 

2) If after purchasing you are unhappy for any reason, please contact us and we will go to great lengths to solve problems and address any issues you experience.

Let us know if you are having any problems at
How do you help me identify what to focus on first?
We excel at providing different paths for different people.

We've had practice with this. For example, in our workshop, students can change their "path" depending on how many hours they have those weeks.

Whatever your knowledge needs, wherever you are in life, we have shaped the Accelerator to adapt to your needs.First, we make sure you focus on what's right for you. You'll see our tailored recommendations. 

Then, over the course of the year, we expect you to come and go. You may be very focused on in a workshop intensive, but then Life happens, and you don't have time for the Accelerator for months. We expect that. The Knowledge Accelerator™ is made for you to jump back in at any time without missing a beat—and without feeling guilty about it!

Please know, we got you covered ;)
I'd love to join, but I'm from a developing country and the cost is too high for me. Are there scholarships?
"Like a string of beads, it is our unique differences and intricacies that make us so appealing and attractive." — Lindsey Lunsford, M.E.M., Second Edition DEI Fellow

It would break my heart if the reason you can't attend is because of where you were born. That's not just. It's important to me—and crucial for all of our thinking—that we have a diverse mixture of perspectives. This means not turning a blind eye to how the price point can immediately exclude valuable voices.

That said, click here to learn how you can apply for our scholarship program on the next workshop enrollment.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our support team.
Nic Milo

Hi, I'm Nick Milo.

I’ve spent the last 15 years using digital notes to create and grow a fitness boxing into an international company, produce two independent feature films, become a TV and film editor, and—perhaps most importantly—to calm my thoughts and make better sense of the world around me.

I’ve tested and stretched the limits of linked notes in the "real world" from:

  • the fitness industry 🏃 to the film industry 🎬
  • the football field 🏈 to civil engineering 🏗
  • strength training 🏋️ to the boxing ring 🥊
  • public speaking 🎤 to content creation 🎨

What I’ve learned is this: Being effective at managing knowledge is a superpower—and linking your thinking supercharges it.

The frameworks I teach can unlock your ability to work with ideas in a way that is fast, flexible, and future-proof. I’ve taught thousands of people with great results. That's because these principles are flexible enough for you to shape according to your personal needs—no matter what you want to do.

Reclaim your most valuable resource: your mind!

It was 2012 and I just finished binge-watching two seasons of Mad Men. I remember wandering outside in the fields behind my apartment afterwards. I was in a daze. I felt depressed. I was upset with what I had just done to my mind.

"Why did I just mind f*** myself?"

(Nick in his 30's would never use such language.)

But I said it, and I said it like a broken record as I mentally staggered around those empty fields.

Then I stumbled upon the most unlikely thing. Something I had never come across before. A meditation maze.

Have you ever walked through one of these?

It takes time to get to the center. Sure, you could just clomp right over to it, but you'd miss the point: to meditate—just by walking—without having to care about traffic or stop signs, or anything. You just move through the maze and let your mind take care of itself.

And it will.

I think I went back and forth through three or four times that day, because each time I felt more and more of the haze dissipate. My mind was my own again. That experience gave me an acute understanding of the way over-consuming wastes our minds.

My binge-watching directly lowered my Knowledge Power.

I hated that feeling in 2012, and I still hate it today. And I know I'm not alone. In fact, millions more are even more controlled by their devices—mindlessly consuming and extinguishing the flame of their own minds.

Do you ever stop for a second…and get angry at having your attention hijacked?

I got mad as hell at losing my most valuable resource: my mind!

It’s time we embody the primal shout from Rage Against the Machine and “take the power back!”

Here's what having more Knowledge Power means to you:
  • Richer interactions with others
  • More insights & innovations
  • Career advancement
  • Financial betterment
  • More curiosity and wonder
  • More joy and life satisfaction
Read that list again.

Knowledge, done right, is about feeling empowered.
  • Richer interactions  others
  • The empowerment to capably create meaningful things.
In the end, that’s what the Knowledge Accelerator™ delivers:

…you’ll feel healthier of mind

…you’ll become wealthier of mind

End the fog. Unlock your mind’s full potential.

The biggest mistake thinkers make? Consuming so much they drown out their own thoughts. They turn into parrots that regurgitate someone else’s regurgitations and then wonder why no one is listening.

The online algorithm won. It stole our attention. We passively consume more information than ever in human history. We've all been there. It happens. But you have a way to take the power back. And no; it's not more doomscrolling and hollow highlighting!

It's notemaking.

Notemaking, according to ChatGPT, is "the process of actively synthesizing information by adding personal insights, questions, and connections, thereby fostering deeper understanding and creative thinking."

I prefer to focus on the result: Insights in minutes that last a lifetime.

Notemaking is how we re-strengthen our thinking muscles.

Just like when King Theoden broke through the spell of Wormtongue that kept him docile—we too are regaining a sense of what we’re capable of!

Participants in the LYT Workshop experience this. Many of them feel a resurgence in their ability to think effectively—they feel their latent thinking powers reawakening after a long slumber.

That’s pretty wild, because the core promise of the LYT Workshop is to “build your custom knowledge system”. It’s not to “think better”.

But “better thinking” is the incredible side effect.