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Linking Your

Linking Your Thinking Scholarship Application

Each workshop, over 25% of students have received some form of scholarship.

We are proud of this and it is an essential part of each LYT workshop.

Unfortunately we can't give a spot to everyone because each spot requires resources from our team, so it’s important that you make your application shine.

Please reflect on these questions below before writing your application:

1. Why is this important to you?

2. Why are you the right person?

Do you have a unique skill or experience you want to use your PKM for?

3. How can a scholarship support you to achieve your goals or efforts?

Explain how the scholarship can enable you to work on the topic, increase your impact, or make you arrive at a solution faster.

4. How are you going make the most of this opportunity?

This is really what we want to know: that you are committed.

Click here to apply.


  • Applications close Monday, January 15 at 11:59PM PST / 7:59 UTC.
  • All applications must be received before then to be considered
  • All results will be communicated by email by end of day, January 19.
  • Your scholarship application is applicable for one Workshop.

We look forward to reading every application. Thank you for taking the time to apply.

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