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Your Next Actions

  1. Near the bottom of the LYT Kit MOC note is a note called LYT Glossary.
    Open up that note.
  2. In the LYT Glossary note, review the Mental Squeeze Point and the MOC (Map of Content) notes.
  3. Do you use MOCs in your vault?
  1. Continue exploring the MOCs in the Atlas folder on the left pane. While these are mainly top-level MOCs, free to take some inspiration from any designs or go beyond them for your specific needs.
  1. Reflect and notemake on these prompts:
  1. Do you use MOCs in your vault?
  2. Are you gathering notes?
  3. Are you developing notes?
  4. Can you navigate to your notes?
  5. Where could you be using your MOCs further?
  1. Create a new MOC somewhere in the LYT Kit or your own PKM system. It can be very basic to start - MOCs are built to evolve over time - just as the notes they link to do.