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Ideaverse Pro - Manage your whole life in Obsidian | Product Hunt

All your ideas, finally connected in Obsidian

Ideaverse Pro empowers you to learn faster, remember more, and have a system that turns random "stuff" into valuable "things".

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"So glad to see such a thoughtful and beautifully crafted note-making resource."
Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Nesslabs Founder

🔆 Your Ecosystem for Every Idea

Tired of losing ideas? Ideas are on of the most precious forms of capital. If you don't have a system to add, relate, and communicate ideas, then it's like having a leak in your bank account.  

Ideaverse Pro gives you a complete ecosystem to manage your whole life.
Ideaverse Pro comes with the most advanced versions of everything you need to immediately have a working system to supercharge your efforts.

The unified folder structure and Home note give you three universal portals into your system: by knowledge, by time, and by action.

The pre-made queries and templates give you a "done for you" system for learning, cultivating, and sharing knowledge and ideas.

Best of all, everything can be effortlessly integrated into the ACE and ARC frameworks made famous by Nick Milo and his Linking Your Thinking course.
"What a pioneering approach to Obsidian and Knowledge Management."
August Bradley
Creator of Notion Life Design

♻️ Organize Everything with the Headspace of ACE

Imagine finally having a holistic way to manage all the information and ideas you encounter over a lifetime. That's the promise of ACE: the Ideaverse's organizational system.

ACE stands for Atlas (for knowledge), Calendar (for time), and Efforts (for action). These three headspaces empower you to work with the right ideas in the right context, at the right time.

That's the secret power of ACE: it gives you a reliable system for orienting your mind.

Plus, it unifies how to work with folders and links at the same time 🤯

🌊 Turn Ideas into Outputs with ARC

Use the core ideation framework of Add, Relate, and Communicate to unlock your creativity and make the most of your mind.

Use Ideaverse Pro's advanced ideation notes for your ideas to be born, to grow, mature, and evolve. They have been stress-tested. They work. They give you a ready-made system (based on the universal ARC Framework).

The outcomes?

- Confidently capture and develop your ideas. ("Add")
- See a system optimized for generating insights. ("Relate")
- Allow your system to propel you to create your best work. ("Communicate")

🔥 Manage the 4 Intensities of Efforts

Use a simple system to allocate your energy and manage your bandwidth.

Project-based Productivity (like "Getting Things Done" aka GTD) fails when the steps aren't clear, or when the steps are changing too rapidly. Lack of clarity? Rapidly changing steps? That's the very nature of knowledge! So what's the solution to getting things done when working with idea? Using efforts to allocate your energy.

Ideaverse Pro delivers a simple and practical way to win with the efforts in your life.
"This is such an amazing resource. I started working with it recently and just love the ACE concept.
I am not sure why, but the E part of ACE is my favorite. Thank you for this great resource."
TfT Hacker
Researcher, educator, and developer
Get the Ideaverse Pro
85,000+ people use the Ideaverse Starter Kit

🏗️ 22+ Templates to Standardize & Add Value to Notes

Have the confidence that your templates are helpful in the moment—and in the future. That's how these templates work. They are built on the STIR theory for organizing anything, but they are provided to you in a way that just works.

🏆 Collections from Books to Movies

Finally, a pre-made system for managing your collections. Ideaverse Pro comes with epically amazing "ready-to-go" collections for Books, Movies, and Series. Each one has a special views and a special hotkey to add your own.

Future collections are slated to include: Meetings, Quotes, People, and many more.

🍿 Your Personal Movie Database

Imagine being inspired by a friend's movie recommendation. With one hotkey you can add it to your personal movie database. Go further and add your favorites so you can always be reminded of the "movies that made me". I'll never forget watching the original Mission Impossible with my dad.

🤖 AI Prompts to Think Better

Enlist AI as a thinking partner with these hand-crafted prompts. While most AI prompts are all like, "how to write better headlines" and such, I can guarantee no one else out there has prompts like these.

These prompts are focused on prompting you. Prompting analytical and critical thinking—your creative and connective thinking—and your generative thinking.
Pro goes deep. If you're willing to go deep, you'll find tools to go far.

📽️ Mini-course, recordings, and documentation

Why buy right now? Because you get a six-part course on the core Ideaverse. Plus 3-4 hours of walkthroughs and Q&As. Plus helpful documentation for installation.

🌐 Ideaverse Zero

How would you like a clean "done for you" Ideaverse without my notes getting in the way? All Ideaverse Pro purchases also get a stripped-down version we are calling "Ideaverse Zero". It has all the structure and functionality of "Pro", without all my notes.

It's perfect when you already have your own ideaverse, and want to import all of your notes over to the holistic ecosystem in Ideaverse Pro.

🎨 110+ Custom Callouts

Contrary to how society has trained us, "productivity" doesn't move in a straight line. It zigs and zags—and the tortoise who loves the journey beats the hare who covets the results. These custom callouts spark joy, and joy is often the ingredient that keeps us going on the journey.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Ideaverse Pro. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our support team.
What is your refund policy?
This program includes the complete master vault which cannot be returned. As such, we are not able to offer refunds.

However, to prevent disappointment or dissatisfaction, we have two ways to ensure client fit and client success:

1) Prior to purchase you can review many free videos that will let you understand if the style of the instructor is a good fit for you.

2) If after purchasing you are unhappy for any reason, please contact us and we will go to great lengths to solve problems and address any issues you experience. Let us know if you are having any problems at
Is it for beginners or advanced users?
Have you ever used Evernote or Apple Notes or OneNote or Google Keep? If so, this is one step more advanced. That said, if you are relatively new to Obsidian, you can ignore the powerful features and just use the ACE structure to help you organize ideas.

Then, as you become more comfortable with the tool, with managing knowledge, and with the Ideaverse, you'll be in the perfect position to expand into all the powerful treasures scattered throughout.
How much is it?
$139 today. $250 afterwards.
What if I can't attend live?
Can't make it live? No worries, we will record the whole event and everyone who buys a seat will have access to the recording forever.
What do I get after purchase?
You will get an email giving you access to our private forum to download Ideaverse Pro (and the lean Ideaverse Zero version as well). These are downloadable Obsidian vaults. Additionally, if you are brand new to Ideaverse, you'll get the six-part Ideaverse professional-grade email course.
Can I use Ideaverse Pro if I already have an existing vault?
Yes. Here's how. Download Ideaverse Pro first. Explore. Play around. Identify what you like most. Then download Ideaverse Zero and transfer your notes into it. (Make sure to make a backup of your notes first.)
Are there any prerequisites for being able to get the most value in this?
No. Just make sure to follow our installation videos. The most common error is when people don't open Ideaverse Pro as a separate vault. It needs to be opened as a separate vault.

Then, just follow the six-part professional-grade email course to learn about ACE, ARC, efforts, and everything else in the ideaverse.
How is this different than Ideaverse for Obsidian? Do I need that first?
You don't need the starter kit first. Ideaverse Pro is the gold standard version, with all the latest and greatest features, and everything you need for an immediately useable ideaverse.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our support team.