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Are you consuming too much of other people's thoughts?
Do you want to start developing your own unique perspective to the ideas you encounter?
Then join our community of good-spirited note-makers!
I mindlessly clicked on another worthless article,"Maybe this one will make me feel better."  

But it didn't. It rarely does. Society encourages us to CONSUME stuff, so we become passive consumers. Pacified. Our thinking muscles weaken. But enough is enough!

It's time we stop mindlessly consuming, and start thinking better.

It's time we find people and places:

  • that educate and inspire us
  • that encourage us to sharpen our thinking muscles
  • that actually value a mind that is enriched with quality thoughts

If that resonates with you, then you simply must join the "Linking Your Thinking" Community!

The LYT Community is the place you go when you want to stop CONSUMING and start developing your own unique thoughts to the ideas you encounter.

If you value thinking... if you value surrounding yourself with thinkers who support, challenge, and inspire you...

...then come aboard!
I am so grateful for this community of such talented and intelligent people. I am always learning new things from them and getting questions answered by a very warm and curious crowd. I really love this workshop and community and can't believe how much it has helped me grow in such short period of time. It's making me rethink how I organize way more than notes in Obsidian. So glad that I took the leap.

Sana Ahmed, US, Product Management Expert

What's Inside the Community?

  • Your questions, answered (“YAC Attacks”)
  • You send us a voice message with your question (this can also include your screenshare). Later, we'll respond with an answer.
  • Access to the LYT Community
  • You'll have special access to the members-only areas on Discord and Discourse.
  • Live co-working sessions (“Delta Days”)
  • You join us on zoom. We chat for 5 minutes. We work independently for 50 minutes. We recap for 5 minutes. We do that 2-3 times.
  • Variations: Note-making sprints ("Cross-fit for the brain") — Build the note-making muscles by making, connecting, and developing notes into something that can grow in value over time ("Evergreen notes").
  • Live note-taking & note-making collaborations ("Book club 2.0")
  • This is a completely unique approach to a book club (or a movie club). It's a real-time mixture of reading, writing, discussing, sharing—and linking! It's both personal and collaborative.
  • There will usually be 1-2 note-making book club sessions per month.
Plus, you'll also have immediate access to the following:
  • The Idea Emergence Micro Course
  • The Downloadable Idea Emergence graphics
If you love ideas and sense-making...
If you get inspired by being around other people doing fascinating things...
If you love developing your unique perspective to the ideas you encounter...

...then you know what to do... ⏬ ⏬ ⏬
I tried so many methods and platforms for organizing my thoughts but I was just overwhelmed and getting nowhere. The LYT workshop/community has helped me focus on note-making instead of bookmark-curating.

Shanna, US, Genetic Counselor

Join our community of note-makers!


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  3. ✅  Live co-working sessions
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  5.  Idea Emergence Micro Course



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When you join the LYT community, you can expect an open community of like-minded people willing to help and share.

Francisco, Mexico, Physicist

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